The Choices We Make

The Choices We Make puts you in the shoes of an indie game developer. It provides the emotional journey through the various stages of a game designer’s career, letting players experience every glamorous detail, from energy-drink fueled night shifts to hunting a bug on the day of your release. From the first sprite to the gold master, players will need to create new features, edit their levels and find a way to balance work and social life.

About the game

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes of your favorite video games? How did the designers come up with a certain feature, or how did they arrive at the final level design? The Choices We Make pulls back that curtain to give you the opportunity to explore the world of game development. Imagine graphics, sound, gameplay mechanics and level design as puzzle pieces - how do you fit them together to create an interesting game?

This is not a dry economy simulation or a programming challenge for coding masters. Instead, you will make creative decisions for your game and discover their consequences immediately.Do you want to implement that new feature days before the deadline? It might come with new bugs, but it would really make your vision come together perfectly.

You might have to adjust your level design to use it better as well...But just as life is not just work, The Choices We Make also offers a diverse cast of characters that will reach out to you via text messages. It's your choice on how much time you spend talking to them. Finding a healthy balance between work and social life is not easy.